Our Story

our story

I discovered my passion for cooking at a very young age. Like many in Latin America, my first interactions with food and cooking came from my family, specifically my grandmother Isabel. I was always curious to see and learn as much as I could when preparing dishes for special occasions and falling asleep watching cooking shows. I knew back then that I wanted to be a chef, so I decided to attend Johnson & Wales University to pursue a career in Culinary Arts.

After graduation, my professional culinary journey started with Four Seasons Hotels, where I worked in pretty much every position there is in a kitchen. For the next decade or so I dedicated my craft to serving high quality, innovative food in the many different outlets of the hotel. The hotel not only gave me the opportunity to hone my culinary skills but also allowed me to travel the world and exposed me to many different cultures and cuisines. It was a great experience but the time to branch out and explore something else had come. 

YEYÉ is born out of the need to express myself through food. The growth of the ghost kitchen concept gave my family and I the outlet we were looking for to create dishes we love with a couple Latin touches. Through our food we are committed to provide healthy and innovative food choices prepared in a sustainable and eco friendly way.